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PtX Lab Lausitz

Nahaufnahme einer chemischen Anlage

About PtX Lab

The PtX Lab Lausitz pursues the goal of advancing the market ramp-up of sustainably generated power-to-X (PtX) products in Germany. In doing so, it also contributes above all to making the structural change in the region of Lusatia – a transition away from lignite mining and towards environmentally friendly technologies of the future – a success. To this end, the Cottbus based "think-and-do-tank" acts, among other things, as a knowledge platform, impulse generator and contact partner for industry, politics and science in Lusatia, in Germany and worldwide.

The PtX Lab Lausitz began its work in August 2021. The basis for this is the "Structural Strengthening of Coal Regions Act" (StStG), which came into force in 2020.

Reducing emissions in transport and industry with sector coupling

The market ramp-up of PtX technologies envisaged by the Lab paves the way for so-called sector coupling, with which green electricity can also be used in areas where the direct use of renewable energies has not been possible so far due to technical conditions. In this way, the Lab wants to make a tangible contribution to making aviation and shipping CO2-neutral as quickly as possible. In addition, the Lab wants to be the starting point for the market ramp-up of pioneering PtX technologies in Lusatia.

In action for Lusatia – in exchange with all stakeholders

In order to achieve its goals, the Lab takes on a variety of tasks and roles: Among other things, it organises information events, networks players from the sectors with a connection to the topic and publishes information. The Lab accompanies and illuminates all important developments in the field of PtX technologies, makes the underlying mechanisms understandable and develops recommendations.

A pilot plant with the highest standards of sustainability

The PtX Lab Lausitz basically addresses its services to all parts of society. Among other things, it informs citizens and journalists and offers advice in exchange with science, business and politics.

In order to make the possibilities of PtX technology tangible, the construction and operation of a PtL pilot plant in Lusatia is also planned. This can make Lusatia a model region for PtX in Germany and a post-fossil energy region of the future.

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