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European Environment Initiative (EURENI)

Two young people in front of a mountain panorama hold an EU flag

About the funding programme

Environmental degradation does not stop at national borders. EU Member States and their European neighbours face similar challenges in achieving their environmental goals in many areas of environmental policy. However, the starting points in the individual countries often differ widely.
Experience shows that dialogue, knowledge-sharing and mutual learning play important roles in the successful implementation of policies. Close cooperation across European borders is therefore an important factor in environmental protection.

In 2021, the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection (BMUV) started to increase its support for this cooperation through the EURopean ENvironment Initiative (EURENI).

Since 2022, BMUV provides an annual funding totalling up to EUR 2.6 million within the scope of EURENI. Eligible to apply are non-governmental organisations,foundations, think tanks, universities and research institutes as well as non-profit enterprises and organisations.


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  • Close-up of a lynx in the forest

    Patrolling for the lynx

    EURENI project trains volunteers in the Czech Republic to become involved in territory patrols to protect the lynx from illegal killing.

  • Podcast title "Green Deal, Big Deal?" written on green background

    The European Green Deal - what’s behind it?

    Podcast series of the EURENI project “Green Deal - Big Deal?” carefully examines the main aspects of the European Green Deal.