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PtX Lab Lausitz: Paving the way for CO2-neutral mobility in transport and industry

The PtX Lab's new film shows the production process of sustainably produced fuels and basic materials.

Germany wants to become greenhouse gas neutral by 2045. The PtX Lab's new film explains the key role of sustainably produced fuels in achieving the climate targets and shows innovative technologies for the production of power-to-liquid.

Germany has the ambitious goal of becoming greenhouse gas neutral by 2045. Achieving this goal will require fundamental change in all areas, particularly in industry and the transport sector. The PtX Lab Lausitz plays a decisive role on the path to greenhouse gas emissions. The main objective of the think and do tank, which is based in Cottbus in Lusatia, is to promote the environmentally friendly and sustainable generation and utilisation of Power-to-X (PtX) products. PtX refers to technologies that convert green electricity into chemical energy sources such as electricity-based fuels for mobility and industry.

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Focus on PtL production: sustainable fuel for transport and industry

A central focus of the PtX Lab is the development of synthetic fuels (power-to-liquid, or PtL for short) for aircraft and ships. These fuels are based on renewable energies and green hydrogen and take sustainability targets into account. The PtX Lab's new film explains the PtL production process and its importance for achieving climate targets. It shows the PtX Lab's approach to sustainability and illustrates how PtL can transform aviation and shipping.


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