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European Environment Initiative (EURENI)

Funding Call
Two young people in front of a mountain panorama hold an EU flag

(Re)connect with the nature


Jugendhilfe und Sozialarbeit e.V.

Project partners

Marion Dönhoff STO Schule in Mikolajki (Poland)

Marion Dönhoff Gymnasium in Mölln (Germany)



2023-01-15 till 2024-01-14


Germany and Poland

Funding Amount

24,178.00 €

Project Background

Around the world, the protection and preservation of natural resources and the establishment of a reasonable balance between their use by human activities and a healthy natural environment is essential for a future worth living.

Especially the younger generations have an interest in addressing these challenges to ensure their well-being in the future. Connecting young people from different countries in Europe offers them an opportunity to gain an understanding of the perspectives on nature and environment in different countries, exchange ideas and best-practices and build friendships across borders.

This project brings together young people from Poland and Germany. The two countries not only share a common border, but also intensive cultural and political cooperation. For example, 2021 marked the 30th anniversary of the German-Polish Environment Council. In preparation of the latest council meeting in 2022, representatives from both governments have expressed interest in a youth exchange with a focus on environmental education.

Thus, during the course of the project, students from two schools, one from each country, will spend a total of two weeks together to learn from each another through non-formal education, exchange knowledge and experiences, and collect ideas on how to better connect with nature and protect the environment. Non-formal education is acquired outside the formal education system, for example through contacts during free time.