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22/06/2022 News

Federal Minister Habeck receives location map at the ILA

Dr Robert Habeck, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, visited the PtX Lab Lausitz stand at the ILA to find out about the search for a site for a new PtL pilot plant in Lausitz.

The interim results of a study show: According to the current status, at least ten areas are suitable for a location for a PtL pilot plant in Lusatia. Three favourites currently offer the best conditions.  

Lusatia offers very good conditions for locating a pilot plant for the production of synthetic kerosene (power-to-liquid or PtL) based on green hydrogen. This is the key message that the PtX Lab Lausitz conveyed to Dr Robert Habeck, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, at the International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition (ILA) on 22 June. Lab director Dr Harry Lehmann welcomed the Federal Minister in Hall 4 together with Corinna Enders, Managing Director of Zukunft - Umwelt - Gesellschaft (ZUG) gGmbH, which founded the Lab in March 2021. Lehmann outlined the development of the Cottbus facility to date and presented two of the current focal points of its work: The staff at the PtX Lab Lausitz are currently defining the highest sustainability standards for the production of PtL fuels based on green hydrogen. They are also preparing the construction and operation of a pilot plant in which these standards can be implemented in practice and converted into marketable products and services. The aim is to support the fastest possible market ramp-up of green e-fuels from Lusatia - and thus to tap into the potential of PtX technologies for the region and for Germany as a whole.

Federal Minister Dr Robert Habeck: "Synthetic fuels based on green hydrogen play a major role in greenhouse gas neutrality in aviation and shipping. Climate-friendly propulsion technologies should also be widely used where battery-based electromobility is not practical. I am very pleased that the PtX Lab from the Lausitz region can make an important contribution to this. With your work, you can support companies on their way to climate neutrality and at the same time further advance the market ramp-up of green e-fuels."

Dr. Harry Lehmann, Head of PtX Lab Lausitz: "The knowledge and technologies with which we can effectively reduce CO2 emissions in aviation and shipping are already available. Synthetic fuels based on green hydrogen already make it possible to travel or ship goods on water and in the air in a CO2-neutral way. At present, we simply have too few renewable energies and thus too little green hydrogen. We must now work together - in Germany and around the world - to ensure that the market ramp-up for green e-fuels succeeds. The desired transformation offers great opportunities for Lusatia to become an energy region of the future. We want to work towards this with vigour in the coming years."

Ten possible locations for a pilot plant in Lusatia

During the Federal Minister's visit to the ILA stand, Dr Harry Lehmann presented a map showing the possible Lusatian sites for the location of a PtL pilot plant. A scientific study had previously evaluated 37 potential sites in the region. Ten of these sites were found to be likely to be approved and to have good prospects. Based on the current framework conditions, the scientific consortium for the study made a recommendation for three sites: According to this, sites in Guben, Jänschwalde and Schwarze Pumpe in Brandenburg have the best characteristics. However, the final decision will only be made in the coming months after an ongoing review of the potential sites. The Lab's map provides an overview of the sites currently available.

10,000 tons of green kerosene per year from Lusatia

The aim of the pilot plant is to be able to produce 10,000 tons of synthetic kerosene per year in Lusatia. This should meet the highest sustainability standards. By planning and operating the plant, the PtX Lab Lausitz aims to gather knowledge and expertise for the market ramp-up of the technology and demonstrate its feasibility.

A division of Zukunft - Umwelt - Gesellschaft (ZUG) gGmbH

ZUG Managing Director Corinna Enders introduced the Lab's umbrella company to Federal Minister Habeck during the stand visit. With a total of 650 employees at three locations in Berlin, Bonn and Cottbus, ZUG is the German government's project management agency for environmental, nature and climate protection. In addition to the PtX Lab Lausitz, the two major funding programmes National and International Climate Protection Initiative and the Competence Centre for Climate Protection in Energy-Intensive Industries (KEI) are also managed for the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK).