European Environment Initiative (EURENI)

Environmental degradation does not stop at national borders. EU Member States and their European neighbours face similar challenges in achieving their environmental goals in many areas of environmental policy. However, the starting points in the individual countries often differ widely.

Experience shows that dialogue, knowledge-sharing and mutual learning play important roles in the successful implementation of policies. Close cooperation across European borders is therefore an important factor in environmental protection.

About the funding programme

In 2021, the Federal Ministry for the Environment started to increase its support for this cooperation through the EURopean ENvironment Initiative (EURENI). The programme is intended to strengthen actors from civil society and facilitate dialogue with governmental and non-governmental actors on environmental protection, which will therefore also consolidate European integration in general.

Since 2022, Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer (BMUV) provides an annual funding totalling up to EUR 2.6 million within the scope of EURENI.

Who is eligible to apply?

Those eligible to apply are:

  • Non-governmental organisations (NGOs)
  • Foundations
  • Think tanks
  • Universities and research institutes
  • Non-profit enterprises and organisations

To be eligible to apply, applicants must be based in EU or EFTA member states, although partners from neighbouring states may also be included. Project activities must have a charitable, non-profit approach. Projects involving activities carried out exclusively in Germany are not eligible for funding.

What measures are eligible for funding?

Funding is provided for projects that focus on environmental protection. Practical measures may include the following areas:

  • Immission control
  • Air pollution control
  • Water management
  • Circular economy
  • Chemical policy
  • Resource conservation
  • Marine conservation
  • Soil conservation

Additional activities to implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are also envisaged. Funding will be granted to projects that address overarching issues of environmental policy (e.g. participation processes, gender equality, digitalisation) as well.

What is the application procedure?

Zukunft-Umwelt-Gesellschaft (ZUG) gGmbH is the project implementing agency responsible for the European Environment Initiative funding programme.

For more information about funding possibilities, thematic priority areas and application modalities, please contact ZUG gGmbH.