Competence centre on climate change mitigation in energy intensive industries

Since 2019, Zukunft – Umwelt – Gesellschaft (ZUG) gGmbH has operated the ‘Competence centre on climate change mitigation in energy-intensive industries (KEI)’ in Cottbus (some 100 km south of Berlin) on behalf of the Federal Environment Ministry (BMU).

The KEI provides support and funding for the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions to energy-intensive industries in Germany. The competence centre’s work focuses on producers of basic materials such as steel, chemicals, cement, lime and non-ferrous metals, as well as other relevant parts of energy-intensive industries with process-related emissions.

Industrial climate change mitigation

The Climate Change Act from the Federal Government sets a clear target: greenhouse gas neutrality by 2045. For energy-intensive industries in particular, this is a complex challenge that involves investments amounting to several billions of euros. Achieving climate-neutral production will also require more than just energy efficiency. This target can only be reached with full-scale reductions to process-related emissions as well as fossil fuels. On the production side, the transformation of production technologies and process flows will be needed in most cases. The resulting electrification of process steps and the greater use of hydrogen will drive significantly greater demand for electricity and hydrogen that must be provided by climate-neutral supply systems run using renewable energy sources.
The competence centre’s work provides climate change mitigation support to industrial businesses in Germany, ensuring that highly skilled jobs are retained into the future.

Funding programme for innovative mitigation technologies

The KEI supports the ‘Decarbonising in Industry’ grant programme from the Federal Environment Ministry. As project sponsor, the competence centre supports the development and rollout of mature technologies for the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions to German industries. For technical project assessments, the competence centre works closely with the Federal Environment Agency (UBA).