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IKI: New support programme for local small-scale projects in developing countries

With the launch of the IKI Medium Grants, ZUG manages a new climate protection funding programme of the BMU for global North-South cooperation, which supports global climate and biodiversity protection in developing and emerging countries.

The International Climate Initiative (IKI) uses thematic and country-specific selection procedures to fund prioritised high-volume programmes that aimed at accelerating the development towards a sustainable and low-emission world. However, the implementation of the Paris Agreement and the Convention on Biological Diversity also requires smaller-scale stakeholders in developing and emerging countries and the effective participation of all social groups on the ground. The IKI programme for small-scale projects addresses this very issue.

In addition to the IKI Small Grants launched in 2019, the new IKI Medium Grants programme was launched in February 2020. It supports medium-sized projects with up to EUR 800,000. Possible project types include: model projects, formats for knowledge exchange and for the development and capacity building in the partner countries. The selection procedure of the projects is held regularly based on prioritised topics and is carried out in two stages. The "Zukunft - Umwelt - Gesellschaft" (ZUG) gGmbH is responsible for the management of the IKI Medium Grants programme. In addition to the thematic and country calls, the ZUG now also manages a third IKI funding programme.

The focus of the first IKI Medium Grants call is on mitigation and biodiversity. In line with funding for mitigation, projects can be submitted in the fields of energy, mobility and cities. While on the other hand, funding for Biodiversity specifically addresses the UN Decade for the Restoration of Ecosystems (2021-2030), as well as the sustainable use of protected areas and ecosystems. The grant also supports projects that strengthen civil society in order to make an effective contribution to the Convention on Biological Diversity.

First funding priorities: Mitigation & Biodiversity

Programme outlines must be drafted in German and can only be submitted online from now until 12 May 2020 (midnight, CET). Projects can be funded from the first quarter of 2021 at the earliest. As a rule, project fund extensions from the IKI funding programme is not possible.

Civil society organisations (foundations, associations, societies, trade unions), and institutes of state and non-state technical universities, non-university research institutions, think tanks and non-profit enterprises with headquarters and business operations in Germany are all eligible to apply.

As a requirement, implementing organisations that submit applications must have been continuously involved in international cooperation in climate and biodiversity protection for at least three years. They must also have a proven capacity to jointly develop and implement projects with the full involvement of implementing partners in the target countries.


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